General Questions

Why Auxo?

Our vision is simple: Increase, Growth  for you and others.

We believe that everybody has potential for personal growth.

We believe that you can grow, learn, and achieve whatever you desire.

We want you to grow your potential and help one another reach it.

We want everyone to “Increase, Growth” together.

What’s the best way to use Auxo?

Auxo is best used with friends.

You can start Group Chat pages with friends, like a group text.

You can discuss events, recent fun moments, or just chat.

You can start interest groups and clubs and make friends.

You can also seek help and ask questions. You can give advice and answer questions.

Hopefully you can be inspired and motivated by one another to greatness.

What are the “Growth” Buttons?

You will see small leaf icons on comments, answers, and posts.

These are voting buttons to show your approval of content.

auxo button growth.png                           auxo button increased growth.png

Growth = Thumbs Up      Increased Growth = Two Thumbs Up

The posts with the most votes will be featured at the top of our Growing Page. Voted Comments and Expert Answers will always be shown first.

What is the Growing Section?

Click the logo on the upper left to access the “Growing” page. This is the trending section. The posts with the most votes will be featured here.

When your post starts collecting votes, it will begin to rise to the top of this section.

Share your posts on other Social Media accounts to get your friends to join your Discussions and vote on your content!

Why is Voting Important?

Voting ensures that high quality posts, answers, and comments appear first. The voting system allows you to curate content.

You can approve content you like by clicking “Growth.” When members vote on your content, your post will start rising to the top. Invite your friends to Grow your post!

If you consistently post great content, you’ll collect votes and build your reputation. Your profile page will show certain stats like: Total Earned Votes and Total Post Views. These stats will help you to stand out and show members that you contribute to the community.

Voting also allows the community to be governed democratically. It signals members that a post is interesting and useful. The more Votes a post has, the more you can be certain of its quality. Voting is also a great way to thank members for posting great content!

If you see inappropriate posts or comments, you can Uproot them.

What is Uproot?

You decide what shows up on Auxo!

You can approve and disapprove content by Uprooting.

See a SPAM Post?  Uproot it!

You have the power to judge and decide what stays and what goes.

If a post or comment receives multiple Uproots from other members, it will automatically be deleted.

Do you see blatant spam or a hateful comment?  Uproot It!

(Tip: Instead of posting links, try to start genuine discussions. Engage people, one on one, as if you’re talking to them in person.)

If you want to delete your own comment, you can Uproot it.

     (Tip: On mobile, click on the icon twice to Uproot.)

Note: Please be mindful of people’s opinions. If you don’t agree with a post or comment, please do not Uproot it. Some insightful or truthful comments can go against popular opinion. Uprooting is for blatant spam, profanity, derogatory, or hateful comments.

Where is my Friends List?

Click on the upper right icon to open up your Account.

Click the Add Friend button on the bottom. Enter your friends email address.

If they’re already a member, they’ll be added to your list. If they’re not a member, they’ll receive an invitation to join Auxo.

Once your circle of friends join, they’ll be found under My Friends. Then you can stay up to date and easily view their posts. Your friends can help “Grow” your posts by voting on them. The more friends you have, the more they can help grow your content.

After your friend joins Auxo, you’ll see the Content Board Unlocked!

What else can be unlocked?

Be active on Auxo and you’ll earn hidden rewards.

You’ll unlock special features as you earn Medals.

What is the Content Board?

You can access loads of content created by members in this section.

This is the area to SEED your content and gather an audience.

You can post videos, “How to” guides, vlogs or blog articles.

(Hint: Unlock the Content Board by inviting friends with the Add Friend Button.)

Consistently posting content is the best way to build trust and gather an audience.

What are the gray circles with numbers?

You’ll see gray circles on the Content Board and Discussion Posts.

These are view counts. It shows how many times people have seen your content.

What is Ask Experts?

This is where you can ask experts any questions you have.

As the community grows, you can have access to expert advice and answers.

If you’re an expert in the topic, you can answer questions and build an audience.

Every answer you post will have a “Request Help” button.

What is the “Request Help” Button?

Every answer you post in Ask the Experts will have a “Request Help” Button. Any member can press the button to request personal help from you. If you offer advice, consulting, or any type of service, this is a great way for people to personally get in touch with you.

Remember, the answers with the most details will likely stand out.

You can choose to request help from any member that answered a question to your liking.

Please do not press this button, unless you are serious about receiving a consultation from the person that posted the answer.

Be sure to check your spam box when looking for consultation Help Requests. Check your spam folder and look for “Auxo: Help Request.” If you see it there, mark it as  “Not Spam” to ensure future Consultation Requests are not placed in your spam folder.

Why does my Help Request Button not show?

When you are logged in, the Request Help button does not show up on your answers, because you can’t request help from yourself.

However, everybody else will see the Request Help button on your answers. You can check to see them yourself when you’re logged out.

What are Leaf Tokens?

Leaf Tokens are the main currency used in Ask Experts.

auxo leaf coin green.png                    auxo leaf coin blue.png

Answering Questions         Asking Questions

You need them to post questions and answers in Ask Experts. They are only used in Ask the Experts. Leaf Tokens will help ensure the section remains high in quality for getting accurate answers from experts.

Leaf Tokens do not apply to the Content Board. You do not need them to “SEED” content.

What is the “SEED” Button?  

Once the Content Board is unlocked, you can SEED content on it.

You can post videos, images, or any blog article you like.

If you’ve written articles on other sites, you can easily copy and paste them. The font style, size, color, images, and videos easily copy over when you SEED.

Tip: Copying & Pasting from mobile responsive sites work the best.

Note: Please give proper attribution of content when posting other people's work.

Why are my images out of alignment?

To optimize for mobile viewing you want to keep the horizontal width of images 500 pixels wide or less. You can adjust the size of your images grabbing the corner of the image and dragging it to the size you want.

Maximum width for landscape mode is 700 and portrait is 375 pixels (when copy & pasting). You don’t need to worry about pixel width when uploading Featured Images. But file size must be less than 1mb.

If your blog article images don’t copy over, you may need to copy and paste the blog onto word or google docs first. This way, you can change to any font style or size you want and images will copy over well. This is great to do if you want to upload more than one image on your Expert Answers as well.

What is Popular and Growing?

This is the section on the Content Board that shows popular content. The content with the most votes will be featured at the top.

When you begin to collect votes, your post will start rising to the top of the “Popular & Growing” section.

Tip: Share your SEEDs on different social media networks to get more eyes on your content.

# Hashtags aren’t needed.

Hashtags are not needed. Keywords are used.

Members can search content with the search bar.

Type in keywords to search for, just like you do in Google.

(You can use the ^Exponent Symbol!  Auxo’s version of Hashtag for ^Exponential Growth )

Exponentiate your Growth!

Use the Exponent Symbol instead of Hashtag for ^Exponential Growth!

It’s used for creating your own  ^Group  or  ^Topic

Instead of using it like a #Hashtag #Adjective

We recommend using strings of words separated rather than joined.

“Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve!”  ^Motivation Mondays

Not ^MotivationMondaySuccessAlways!

^You ^Don’t ^Need ^Multiple ^Exponent ^Symbols.

One exponential symbol is all that’s needed.

(this helps to optimize our search function)

What are Keyword Tags?

Keywords are used for searching content.

Keywords in your post Title and Tags will appear in search results.

When Seeding Content, you can add up to 5 Keyword Tags.

Don’t link keywords together like this:  BusinessGrowth.

Don’t use #Hashtags.  Just enter the keyword.

Use keywords that you would use in a Google search.

Enter one word per Tag.

Tip: You don’t need to repeat any keywords already in your Title for Tags.

Why do hyperlinks not work?

Hyperlinks work on the Content Board and on your Profile Page.

Links do not work on Discussion Posts.

This is done for a reason.

We are encouraging members to engage one another in genuine conversation, instead of just posting links. [Read This: How to be an Awesome Auxo Member]

It also prevents spammers from just posting links every hour trying to push their products, services, or website in a disingenuous way. People ignore these “Spam” posts. They are ineffective and clutter up the boards.

The best way to promote yourself is to be active and interact with others. Join discussions and contribute on a regular basis. Give helpful advice and answer questions. Keep conversations moving forward.

If you keep posting valuable information and help others, people will be inclined to know more about you.

They can click on your profile image and see your profile page. This is where you can post your contact information and have links to your website.

The URL on my profile page does not work.

Copy and paste the entire URL, including the http:// or https://

Why can’t I use an anonymous account?

No anonymous accounts!

You must use your real identity. Only your name will be shown. Your personal information, location, etc will not be shown.

False accounts or fake alias will be deleted.

Real identities are used to prevent anonymous users from stalking, harassing, bullying, or posting lewd and hateful comments.

If you see a hateful comment you can “Uproot” them.

If you see an anonymous account or have somebody harassing you, please contact us:

(Please be clear in subject line what you are reporting and if someone is harassing you. Please let us know the user name and provide the link to their user profile as well as a link for the specific post or comment in question.)

How do you build community trust?

7 Tips to build your Reputation:

  1. Be the First to answer questions. Answer lots of questions. Give specific details and give quality answers.
  2. Use voted comments and answers strategically. If you see answers without any votes, give better answers.
  3. Monitor the main page and look for questions within your knowledge.
  4. Post an answer even if you already see 2 or 3 existing answers. Take your time to answer the question well.
  5. Be humble and fair. There are lots of domain experts out there. If you see other great answers and comments, vote on them, they deserve it.
  6. Using Bold, italics, and underline will go a long ways.
  7. Use numbered lists to make your post stand out. It gives your post structure and allows readers to spot important points.

How can I delete or edit my posts?

Click on the upper right icon. Click on Settings.

Below “Add Social Media”, you’ll see Posted Discussion and Posted Content. Click on those to edit or delete your posts.

(You can only edit posts that you started. All comments and expert answers are final and cannot be edited after posting. But they can be deleted with Uproot)

Why do my posts disappear?

If you’re found to be violating any of the Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, your post can be deleted by the moderator with or without warning.

Please review the [Community Guidelines].