What’s this kid doing?

Washed Out

So as I was walking out of school, I saw this kid.

He was playing chess with his back turned and just calling out some numbers.

Anybody know how he’s doing that?

Thought it was pretty cool. 

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  • Anish Pradesh

    Thats “blind fold” chess. He has to have all the pieces and positions of the board memorized in his head. its a pretty advanced technique. 

    Jon Miller

    Future grandmaster in the making. 

    Jose Barraza

    I think most grandmasters can play blindfolded. 

    I posted a clip of Magnus playing blind folded against 10 Harvard Law graduates, and beating them all. 

    Can you imagine having to keep track of 10 different games all at once in your mind?

    Eric McMaster

    It helps to memorize the color of each square as well.

    Use the Vision Trainer on the chess.com app

    Luke Shields

    That's pretty impressive. I can't imagine memorizing all the pieces and moving them around in my head while keeping track of everything.

    Joe Davies

    I stood there awhile watching him play. He said he was ranked was 1700 or something

    Jack Caswell

    hmm, wonder what his rank is?

    Billy Tiesler

    I’m practicing that right now!

    It helps you with your board vision and calculations. When you can see the pieces and memorize positions, it makes it a lot easier to calculate moves ahead. 

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