The Two Barbers


You need a haircut and find only two barbers in town.

One barber has a clean haircut and clean and tidy barbershop. 

The other barber's hair is a total mess and his barbershop is messy with hair everywhere.

Which barber would you choose to give you a haircut and why? Would you choose the clean barber or messy one?

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  • Tim Broste

    I'b pick the clean one.

    He probably does a better job taking care of his business!

    Bryan Calaway

    Most people would choose the neat and clean barber!

    But answer is probably the messy one.

    Daniel McGuire

    hahha, old one. Of course its the messy barber, he's the one in business!

    Ric Axlerod

    The messy one is the correct choice!

    He's the better barber and gets the most business, which is why his shop is messy and he doesn't have time to get his haircut. The other barber actually goes to him to get his haircut!

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