The Essence of Success


"The Essence of Success"  by Earl Nightingale.

My favorite "Big Ideas" of Earl Nightingale presented by Brian Johnson.

1. What Else?

2. The worry fog

3. The Odds

4. Different kinds of Folks 

5. Rowboat vs Ocean Liner.

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  • Eric Burke

    Earl Nightingale's work are one of my favorite, aside from Napoleon Hill. 

    He had his 'aha' moment after learning from Napoleon Hill: "We become what we think about."

    Jessica Kate

    I like this!

    Jimmie Boggs

    Become a bigger person and the average person's big problem will be a small problem for you

    David Martin

    Think and Grow Rich is my favorite book. 

    “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!”

    Ian Hugo

    I love these videos. So much good stuff to learn, they help to motivate me.

    Leo Hall

    Brian does a good job with his book summaries. He has tons of stuff on his channel.

    Juliet Lee

     Take responsibility for your life! Always try to make a positive and consistent change, no matter what happens!?

    Brock Verge

    This was a good summary

    Charles Smith

    I like the story about the different kinds of folks asking the farmer about the type of folks livin in his parts of town.

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