The 3 Doors


You need to escape and only have three doors to choose.

Behind Door #1 is deadly poisonous gas.

Door #2 has three dangerous assassins with knives.

Door #3 has lions which have not eaten in years.

Which door would you choose to open and why?

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  • Ric Axlerod

    I'll give a hint.

    Only one door will give 100% chance of not being hurt!

    Bryan Calaway

    I'd choose the door with deadly assassins. 

    They might spare me!

    Tim Broste

    I'd pick door #1. Try to hold my breath and look for an exit from there. If there's none, I'd go back out!

    Ethan Yu

    Indeed, would choose to take chances with assassins.

    Daniel McGuire

    Lions, havn't eaten in years....

    Ric Axlerod

    Door #3 is the correct choice.

    Lions haven't eaten in years, so they're already dead!

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