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Seven Truths of Wealth Dynamics


In this video, Roger explains the seven levels of truths in Wealth Dynamics.

The seven Levels of Truths are:

1. There are different games - Bill Gates makes his wealth different from Warren Buffett. There are different paths to success.

2. You create your game - There is a personal game for you to play, find the one you can win at.

3. Your game needs to flow - The more you play your game, the more you get into your Flow State.

4. Flow attracts resources - When you create flow, you attract all the resources you need to play the game better.

5. Flow accelerates critical moments - It's the moments of success that matter. Position yourself to optimize these moments.

6. Flow creates synchronicity - Playing at high levels of focus & flow will open you up to an entirely different life.

7. Flow leads to fortune - Everything begins to tune into you and your purpose will be ignited as you create wealth.

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