Retraining Your Mind


You can't control all the events around you, but you can choose what to focus on and what to do.

You control your life with your decisions. Your decision is in your control.

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  • Nelson Turner

    Use your mind with intention. It's your most powerful asset

    Brett Flint

    Turning thoughts into notes on paper and plans can help you to get into action. To help you get started in making your dreams into reality.

    Ideas are huge, but execution and action, is bigger.

    Edward Barlow

    What you are, and what you become......depends on how you use your Time.

    The billionaire and the beggar both have 24 hours everyday. The old and the young; black, white, asian and indian are all given the same amount of time, everyday.

    You cannot stop a day, you cannot stop an hour.

    But you can control, how it will be used.

    Anton Ivanov

    What makes you comfortable, can ruin you.

    What makes you uncomfortable is the only way to grow.

    Luis Reed

    It's not the smartest people who achieve success. It's the people who procrastinate less, make fewer excuses and take action towards the goals they want to achieve.

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