One Punch Man


I liked this show a lot. I thought this video explaining the meaning behind it was good.

What do you guys think?

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  • Jose Barraza

    I liked this show a lot. I’ve been waiting a long time for the second season. I never really thought about the meaning, it was just really funny. I thought it was more about the daily life situations of this super strong guy.

    Chris Pierce

    "A civilization without pain and suffering to be ideal for the human race. However, I wonder if people might end up with losing sight of joy, and forgetting the meaning of life, in a society pervaded by pain reduction mechanisms and filled with pleasures."

    Ian Hugo

    The lack of conflict is the author's point. He's saying society is getting so comfortable with all these modern day conveniences that people can't really grow and experience or enjoy life.

    Luke Shields

    That is his conflict. That he can't find any stronger opponents.

    Robert Cosman
    One Punch Man is awesome! It's too short though. I think the video is okay. I'm not sure if the show is about lack of conflict? Because that's the main characters conflict right?
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