Matchstick Squares

Washed Out

Move only two matchsticks to make 4 connected squares, instead of the 5 shown.

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Which prison hat are you wearing?

Thought this was a really good logic puzzle.

Max King
Max King
Posted 1 year ago

The Best Thing and the Worst Thing

Take 10 seconds and think of the the very best thing that could happen to you. Then think of the ver...

Kiren Chapman
Kiren Chapman
Posted 1 year ago

The Nervous Breakdown

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Barry Goldberg
Barry Goldberg
Posted 1 year ago

Math Puzzle

5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 555 Add one line somewhere to make this statement true (cannot make it Not equa...

Rich Grayson
Rich Grayson
Posted 1 year ago
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