It’s okay ^Hip Hop


I really like listening to this song when I’m feeling down. 

It helps me realize that everything is going to “be okay”

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  • Eddie Drake

    I like the end:

    My little brother's tryin' to learn his mathematics

    He's asthmatic, runnin' home from school away from crack addicts

    Kids attract static, children with automatics

    Takin' target practice on teens for Starter jackets

    I'm usin' smarter tactics to overcome this slum

    I won't become as dumb as some and succumb to scum

    It's cumbersome, I'm tryin' to do well on this Earth

    Ian Hugo

    this is a good song! he sounds really young on this, wonder how old he was? This is before he was famous right?

    Leo Hall

    I like this song!

    Robert Cosman

    This is a hidden gem. I can't believe I've never heard of "Infinite"

    Ric Axlerod

    I like listening to this song when times are “rough”. 

    Its a rough day, but everything is going to be okay!

    Ethan Yu

    Yeah, he seemed like a totally different person in his Infinite album. But “Infinite” is my favorite song by him. 

    Bryan Calaway

    Oh man, I havn’t heard this song in such long time. I used to listen to it all the time!

    I liked his first album a lot. 

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