Grow Your Brain!


Your brain is like a muscle, you can learn to grow it!

"He who listens and learns, gains intelligence"

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  • Billy Tiesler

    Yeah, there is park where I play basketball and I always see these old russian guys playing chess on the park benches. 

    I got a chance to play one of them and they crushed me! 

    The guy I was playing was trash talking, "You are level zero!" 

    haha I gotta up my game to try and play them again.

    Jing Qian

    I played some street hustlers in New York. They’re really good out there. 

    Anton Ivanov

    haha, I know many old russians playing chess in my neighborhood!

    Yes, some of them are very good. They had whole life to play and get strong!

    Anish Pradesh

    You can work out your brain by playing chess! I see many old seniors keep their mind and brain sharp by playing regularly.

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