Golden Age of Video ^Gaming


A masterpiece on gaming history. 

Old school gaming was great when you played with actual friends by your side. Online gaming is good, but people don’t get together as much to play nowadays. 

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  • Richard Grayson

    The best "Gaming Mouse" ever!

    Ethan Yu

    Yes indeed, Tekken takes me back. I stopped playing after Tekken 4. I think 4 was the most innovative and evolutionary, but people kept complaining about how they changed it so much....

    Al Wayne

    They need to make a dreamcast mini classic

    Sol Cho

    Aahhh, Marvel all day, all night!

    Lucas Koh
    Hahah man I miss whooping you guys in marvel. 
    Max King
    Dreamcast mini is going to come out after the Sega Mini!
    Robert Cosman

    Dreamcast was the best. Hope they come out with a retro dreamcast mini!

    Greg Dawson

    Yeah, the song is pretty good. 

    Tekken 7 is awesome. I like DBFz too!

    James Beck

    Lol, I don't know most of the games shown in the video. It's a good video though

    Jimmie Boggs

    Any of you guys play Tekken 7? I think it's pretty good....but the loading time kills me

    Bryan Calaway

    Yeah, that was Tekken! Playing and trash talking with friends is great. 

    Jing Qian

    Hahah, Lucas and his cheesy tactics. 

    Jing Qian

    Hey hey, we played other games too. Power stone and puzzle figter were really good. 

    Tuan Tran

    Yeah we had some good gamig sessions, until Marvel 2 came out. All Lucas, Jing and Victor would play. 

    Wook Kim

    Haha yeah, puzzle fighter was good. I remember when  phantasy star online came out. It was crazy, like the first online console game! 

    I still think pc games are the way to play. 

    Victor Lim

    Ah man, dreamcast was the best. 

    I miss those days when we used to get together play. 

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