Flow Theory


The History of the Theory

Although the idea of Flow has existed for thousands of years, Flow Theory began in the 1970’s and 80’s when Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi became fascinated by artists who were so lost in their creative work that they would lose track of time and even ignore food, water, and sleep.

Through his research, he noticed a similar experience with scientists, athletes, and authors. It was a state of hyper-focus and complete engagement that he described as  “optimal experience.”

There are five factors vital for achieving a state of flow.

1- It needs to be a task that you find intrinsically rewarding

2- You need clear goals and a sense of progress

3- The task needs clear and immediate feedback

4- The challenge must match the perceived skills, a sense of personal control over the task.

5- Intense focus on the present moment

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  • Leo Hall

    I like art and actually was recommended this book. I think it's pretty good. Sometimes, when your fully 'there' in the moment absorbed in whatever your doing, time flies and you can just enjoy the process of what your doing.

    Danny Morris

    I get into flow playing video games. Sometimes I just get in the 'zone' and am unstoppable!

    Ian Hugo

    Hey Leo, when do you get into the "flow" state?

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