Easy impressive tricks ^Dogs


How to teach your dog these impressive tricks!

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  • Kirsten Bauch
    Kirsten Bauch

    those look like fun tricks to teach!

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Jumping Robot!

Watch this Jumping Robot! I think it's pretty amazing how far robotics has come

Barry Goldberg
Barry Goldberg
Posted 1 year ago

Dad's Lightening Response Saves Lives

Real life superhero dad, saves kids lives with lightning reflexes!

Tim Bacon
Tim Bacon
Posted 1 year ago

Caption this!

“Hey guys, a little hand here?”

Jing Qian
Jing Qian
Posted 1 year ago

When animals try to communicate with us....

There are things that need to be said. Animals try to find the best way to say it... Animals try...

Linda Edgar
Linda Edgar
Posted 1 month ago
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