Ben Horowitz Rules for Success


He's a high technology entrepreneur and co-founder of the VC firm Andreessen Horowitz.

Learn some of Ben Horowitz' success tips.

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  • Luis Reed
    Luis Reed

    1. Learn People Skills

    2. Think for yourself

    3. Have Courage

    4. Do something Important

    5. Follow your Contribution

    6. Work Hard

    7. Don't Quit!

    8. Get Leverage

    9. Make a difference

    10. Do the Hard Things

    Mark Howard
    Mark Howard

    Ben: “I'm going to major in computer science”

    Friend: ”That’s the stupidest thing ever, you can learn to build computers from a trade school like Devry!”

    That’s when Ben realized to think for himself. He wanted to build a limitless machine, his friend was talking about building a washing machine. 

    Thinking for yourself in reality is extremely difficult, because as a human, you want to be liked. The easiest way to be liked is to tell people what they want to hear, what they think is true.

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