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Starting a Chess Group here.

Post things about chess here.

I'll start with a question.

"What do you like about chess?"

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  • James Kim

    It's hard to play in person, but you can find some good meetups.

    There's too much trash talking online...sometimes it gets me so mad...

    Hikaru Ichi

    I like playing with friends. It's not same playing online. 

    Jose Barraza

    It's a game I learned since I was a kid. You can get better and better at it and gets more and more fun.

    Eric McMaster

    Chess is a sport you can play for the rest of your life. Not many competitive sports can have that. Most are limited by your physical condition and athletic ability.

    But chess is a mental sport you can play for a lifetime.

    Anton Ivanov

    It is the beauty and brilliance of sacrifices and tactical blows that captivated me in early childhood.

    Gary Petrov

    Chess is like an Art. Every game when played well, can be like beautiful artwork.

    Anish Pradesh

    For me, chess has been a life long hobby. 

    I haven't really been too serious to make it a career. But I enjoy playing it time to time. 

    But to get really good, I think takes a lot of serious dedication and time.  

    But to play as a hobby to have fun and enjoy, anybody can do!

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Hey guys, just inviting you to this page so we can all catch up!

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