5 Reasons Why You Should Read


From an embarrassing failure to become financially independent by age 30, Daniel Ally grew by reading books. Now he is a teacher on personal development. Today, he's dedicated to helping you during your journey to success.

Daniel Ally shares 5 reasons why you should read:

1. Get Smarter

2. Build Skills

3. Be Well-Rounded

4. Know History

5. Be Conversational

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  • Eddie Drake

    Thanks for posting this video. It's really insightful. I actually get into periods where I obsessively read things I'm interested in. I gotta get back into reading. This video is motivating me to start reading again.

    Ian Hugo

    "Reading helps you open up your mind. We all start out ignorant, we don't know what we don't know. Reading helps you see more and understand different perspectives, intentions and cultures, allowing you to relate to others."

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