Why you may be Hijacking your own Growth

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Joel and Antonia continue their discussion on why you may not be showing up as the best version of yourself.  

We were last talking about "The 8 Pillars of Genius" and their Car Model. If you view your mind as a car, there are 4 different passengers, each with a special genius. The two passengers in front help navigate us in life through decision making and learning. There are two lesser developed, “child” passengers in the back that show up in times of stress.

Everybody has one in genius in learning and making decisions. However, depending on which passenger is driving the car, they can show up as healthy or unhealthy.


A father and son may have the same personality type yet not see eye to eye. Can you discuss growth levels within each type?

Antonia: Right so typology won’t tell you how mature the person is. And that’s a very important piece of the puzzle.

Joel: My daughter is 4 years old. She’s my personality type. Does she have the ability to do what I’m able to? Can she write articles or build her own business? Of course not. She has to grow and develop skill around those things. 

Her mind might be wired the same, but there’s still skill that comes with it.

She might not be interested in the same things I am and might grow in a different way.

The most important thing to remember, and this is why personality typing is so powerful, is that a lot us are not showing up at our best potential.

A lot of us are blending or pretending to be a different person than how we naturally are. This can be because our parents were different types and brought us up to act and behave a certain way. Teaching us to show up just like them.

It can be that society tells us that we aren’t “normal.” That we aren’t acting or behaving the way we should be.

Different cultures around the world will honor different personality types, depending on the trend or fad of the time. So we have trending personality types that people try to emulate. They pretend and try to blend in with the type that the society values.

For introverts trying to act like extroverts all their lives. This can be very exhausting and stressful.

So it’s important to understand that all the different types need to show up as their natural wiring dictates. If we do that, we can have a really balanced social ecosystem.

But if we’re constantly in hiding, it means that first of all, we can’t show up at our best. How could we, when we’re trying to pretend that we’re somebody else.

Second, we’re exhausted because we’re not showing up as our natural selves. If we can fully be our natural selves, then we get in our flow and get energy just by being ourselves. But not showing up as ourselves, will drain us.

It zapps our batteries and takes 3x times the effort to do half the work.

Third, it causes a lot of emotional trauma and wounding. If we can’t show up as our authentic self, it will actually hurt us. We feel psychologically and emotionally hurt by this.

Those comments or messages that we get subconsciously, that something is wrong with us, is very damaging to our psyche.

So now we have a bunch of trauma that we have to recover from before we can grow. This can keep us completely buried in our own sh*! Constantly feeling bad about how we are as a human being, as opposed to feeling good about ourselves.

If you can understand how you’re supposed to be and feel comfortable in your own skin, then you can contribute to make your community and the world a better place. As opposed to always focusing on your trauma or trying to hide your emotional pain.

So understanding your personality type is extremely powerful, in all aspects of your life. It teaches you what your natural flow state is. It teaches you that it’s okay to be your personality type. It helps the entire social ecosystem become more balanced.

It takes us out of our own sh*! and negative thought patterns.

It can lift a heavy burden off and help guide you to become the best version of yourself, to bring your talents to the world.

This can be very powerful for people and the society around you.


Can you go over the healthy and unhealthy ways Cognitive Functions appear?

Antonia: So I’ll go over the technical names and the nicknames we’ve given the cognitive functions (geniuses). Each one can show up in healthy or unhealthy ways. 


4 Decision making Geniuses:

Effectiveness (Extroverted Thinking): This is the impersonal thinking, based on outer resources. Are we doing things that work? Is this the most effective way to do it? It makes things happen, organizes people and resources to accomplish goals. Effectiveness is great at putting systems in place to accomplish goals.

At best, Effectiveness mobilizes resources and large teams of people to accomplish remarkable things. Top military leaders and CEO’s are usually Effectiveness users. Nothing is more satisfying to Effectiveness user as completing goals and missions.

At their worst, Effectiveness people can be very demanding and unable to cope with an environment they are unable to control.

Accuracy (Introverted Thinking): This is subjective, impersonal criteria. Accuracy asks, “Does this make sense?” Accuracy driven people are driven by facts more than people. Sometimes other people seem like data points to an Accuracy user. They seek truth as the ultimate virtue. But truth can be subjective, so they must sort through a lot of data to grasp a clear a picture. Emotions are inconsistent, so when making decisions, emotions take a back seat.

At best, Accuracy tells truth without judgment. It’s not trying to determine what’s good or bad, just what makes sense.  Like Einstein, they like to study the secrets of the universe through careful, uncorrupted study. This leads to knowledge that blows us away, and helps us gain perspective through these amazing journeys of science and discovery.

At worst, an Accuracy person is an argumentative know-it-all. They try to prove their superiority of information by arguing and questioning any conclusion that they did not personally discover. Since they don’t take other people’s emotions into account, they can be inconsiderate and hurtful in their communication.

Harmony (Extroverted Feeling): This is the human criteria based decision making process.

How is my decision going to make everybody else feel? They make choices with other people’s feelings in consideration. It connects emotionally with others and understands people’s needs and meets them through organized efforts.

People who use Harmony have an uncanny ability to understand unwritten social rules, social dynamics, and culture. They are driven to create and maintain harmony with the people around them. They determine the value of information you give them based upon the emotional impact it will have on other people.

At worst, they can be emotionally unstable and controlling. They can be driven to try to create harmony, even if they don’t know how to. They can be manipulative and try to control others to do what “they think is best” for everyone.

Authenticity (Introverted Feeling): This is a subjective feeling criteria. Authenticity asks, “Does this feel right to me?” When we need to make a decision that is true and honest to who we are, you use Authenticity. It understands how events impacts individual emotions and makes choices accordingly.

Authenticity people are driven by personal conviction more than any other consideration. Sometimes it can be difficult to motivate an Authenticity person unless they’re personally inspired. However, once committed, they can be an unstoppable powerhouse. They can become an inspiration to others, when aligned with their convictions.

At worst, Authenticity people are fickle, unable to tell the difference between something that feels “wrong” or simply feeling “bad”. Unable to deal with any internal negative feelings, they can become impossible to please, projecting all their internal discomfort onto friends and family.


4 Learning Geniuses:

Memory (Introverted Sensing): Understanding and learning based on past experiences.


Sensation (Extroverted Sensing): Understanding the outside world based on kinesthetics. They are in tune with their senses and in the moment, here and now. Sensation people have trouble sitting still to learn. They learn by engaging with things at the tangible level.

Perspectives (Introverted Intuition): Understanding patterns and abstract concepts. Thinking of the "what if’s" and possibilities. It takes multiple ideas and unifies it to a single idea. Perspectives doesn’t just think outside the box, it thinks about the box. The further down the rabbit’s hole of any topic you can go the more Perspectives people will be gripped.


Exploration (Extroverted Intuition): Understanding by exploring and testing the outer world. They generate new possibilities and make abstract connections in the outer world. Extroverted intuition is capable of entertaining multiple contradictory ideas simultaneously as it sees almost every side to every situation. It takes a single idea and creates multiple different ideas from it.


Can you give an example of how the Car Model works for your personality type?


My personality type is ENTP. So this would be an example of my Car Model.

Everybody has a different stack of 4-Letters for each personality type, depending on which end of the dichotomy they are leaning towards.

ENTP (Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving) would be an example. This shows your mental wiring. For an ENTP they lead with a mental process called extroverted intuition, which we nicknamed “Exploration.” They lead with this learning process. Their Auxiliary function is introverted thinking, or “Accuracy,” which is a decision making process. When you make an effort to use and learn more about your co-pilot, you can become an extremely good at what you do, essentially becoming the best version of yourself.


So everybody has 1 strong decision making and learning processes which leads to growth. But they also have an undeveloped decision making and learning process. They show up in states of stress as a less developed 10 year old and 3 year old process.

Basically, the more you spend time in your Co-Pilot mode. The more you get out of your comfort zone and use it, the more you can Grow.

What you don’t want, is to spend time in your 10-year old or 3-year old process, as it’s very unhealthy.


Continue to – How to Reach your Genius Zone

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