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What is Auxo?

So what exactly is Auxo?

Essentially, it is an online virtual bulletin board.

It has two main Boards. One is for discussions and the other is for blogging.

Each board has various categories and topics.

People can share new content, comment, and vote on other people’s posts.

Here’s everything you need to know.

The Design of Auxo

If you’re just looking at Auxo for the first time, you may be a bit confused by what you are seeing. So here is a quick rundown.

Auxo is broken up into two main areas:

  1. The Discussion Board
  2. The Content Board

The Discussion board has two main areas: Formal Discussions & Ask Experts.

The formal section is for posting images, videos, text and starting discussions.

Ask the Experts is a 'Question and Answers' section.

People can ask questions in the given categories. Knowledgeable people can share their opinions or give advice.

If you offer a service, answering questions is the best way to get leads. Every answer you post has a “Request Help” button, so people can directly contact you.

The homepage shows you various posts that are currently trending on the site.

The Growing section features the posts with the most upvotes.



Community Curation & Voting

The community decides which content becomes popular or not. If you like a particular post, you can show your appreciation to the poster by clicking on the “Growth” icon. This will help a post to ‘grow’ and be featured on the Growing section of the main homepage.

Every post and comment can be voted on with Auxo’s like buttons.

The buttons also function as an upvote.

This system also works for comments as well. You’ll find the icons next to every comment beneath a post.

You can sort the Growing section by Daily, Weekly or Monthly votes.

Access the Sort Growing menu by clicking on the circle icon left of the main categories.

Posts with the most votes are featured on the main homepage in the Growing section.



While many people simply enjoy reading Auxo, the real fun begins when you start participating by posting, voting, and commenting.

There are three main types of posts you can create on Auxo. You can start a Formal Discussion or Ask Experts questions. You can post a Youtube video, an image, or just start a discussion.

To create a post, just click the green “Start New Topic” button on the upper right side of the screen. You’ll be taken to a form where you can select the category and enter a URL of the video or upload an image file. When all the fields are filled in, you can click “submit” and your post will go live.

You can also share images in your comments as well.


Votes & Medals

You can unlock certain Medals and awards by participating on Auxo. Your medals and earned votes appear on your profile page.

Your profile shows the community that you are an active member. When you create good posts, you will start collecting votes. Your earned votes will show to others on your public profile page.

All votes are anonymous. Only the total number of votes collected will show on this page.

Your profile page is displayed like a “Stats” page.



The Content Board

The Content Board is the blogging section of Auxo.

Users can post blog articles, images, or videos on trending topics.

You can access the different categories with the left menu.

Every category also has Popular & Growing section. This is where the blog posts with the most votes appear.

Each post has a gray circle with numbers on the right side. The gray circle shows the number of page views or how many times the blog post has been seen by others.




Auxo is best used with your real group of friends. You can invite your friends to help ‘grow’ your posts and comment on them.

Once your friends join, you can join their discussions and start Group Chat pages, similar to group texts, just on a page.

Invite your friends with the ‘Add Friend’ button. You access it by clicking on the top right profile icon.

You invite them to join Auxo. (Once your friend joins, you will unlock the Content Board.)

Once they sign up and join, they’ll automatically be added to your Friends list.

This way, you can stay up to date with their posts and join in their conversations.


A Friendly Community

Auxo is a community of friendly people meeting on the platform, sharing content and talking to one another. That’s it.

When talking to others, act as if you were hanging out with old friends or meeting new friends in person.

Be friendly, talk to one another, comment and vote on people’s posts!

If Auxo sounds like your kind of place, then sign up by visiting the login page and securing your username, password, and email. You may need to verify that you’re not a robot.

Once you’re signed in, you can start voting and posting on Auxo.

Share your opinions, ask questions, give advice, and Grow on Auxo!

If you have any questions about the site, please leave a comment below.

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  • Jack Caswell
    Jack Caswell
    I don't remember any black screen bbs but I do remember the first time i got onto aol. The chatrooms blew my mind, i remember being on there for hours every night!
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    David Martin
    David Martin

    I remember the originator BBS, back when the screen was all black and just text. Had some good times back then.

    Increased Growth0
    Eric McMaster
    Eric McMaster

    I like the Virtual Bulletin Board introduction. Anybody actually remember using a real VBS back in the early internet days?

    Increased Growth0
    Tom McMahon
    Tom McMahon
    I like this guide. I didn't know there was Sort Growing feature. I wondered what that little circle to the left of the categories were but didn't know  you could actually click on it!
    Increased Growth0
    Luis Reed
    Luis Reed

    This is a good introductory post!

    Increased Growth0
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