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How to leverage Social Media as your personal TV Network


Today we have Joeri Van Overloop discussing the impact of Social Media for businesses. Joeri is passionate about business, marketing, and every aspect of entrepreneurship. He has decades of experience in Sales and Marketing and has held several senior management positions. He has been CEO of several businesses and is now purely focused on helping other business build their brand and presence online.

These days there is an overabundance of information online. Business easily get drowned out in the sea of information and countless webpages.

Today Joeri shares his expertise on how to gain visibility and stand out in the digital world.

In this Interview Learn:

  • Why online marketing is better than traditional advertising
  • How each Social Media Channel is like a Television Network
  • How to properly leverage different Social Media Platforms
  • Why too much focus on Automation Tools like Buffer can hinder growth
  • Why you should be #Using #Hashtags



Background story?

For many years, I worked in sales for several different construction companies here in Belgium. I then opened up my own sales company and did that for a few years as well. Over the years I got into marketing more and more.

We worked with advertising in magazines, newspapers, and radio for many years. Then we started towards marketing online. We found more and more that advertising online was much more successful than traditional advertising methods. I became very experienced in how “marketing worked.” I started getting a lot of requests from different companies to help them with online marketing.

That’s how I got into doing what I do today. So no, I’m not in direct sales anymore.

I’m purely working on everything that has to do with gaining online visibility for companies through digital marketing.

A lot of companies over here still don’t even have a business website. So I help them from starting out from scratch. Setting up their website, then gaining visibility, building their brand and establishing authority in their industry.  There are many strategies we use online. But we focus a lot on Content Marketing and social media.


Can you discuss differences in traditional ads and online marketing?

The biggest and most helpful difference with marketing online, is that it can be tracked.

Everything can be measured. So you know right away if you’re going in the right direction or the wrong one.

analytic tracking

With traditional advertising, you don’t know if it is really working or not. There is no way to track it. And it is very expensive compared to online marketing.

That’s the most positive aspects of advertising online. You can track and measure it, which is immensely helpful. You can start to see what your money is doing instead of just throwing money away and hoping it is working with traditional advertising.


Do you think every business should be using Social Media?

Yes, absolutely. You have to go on social media. There are so many different social media channels you can use.

Social Media is today’s version of TV. That’s where people are spending time and watching these days. People spend more time on it then they do watching TV.

Online video is also very popular now. People are using SnapChat, it’s the latest craze and growing very big for online marketing.

You can still write your own Articles and post them to different social media channels.

I like Twitter a lot. I don’t like Facebook anymore because the organic reach there is being limited.

If you post articles there, not everybody gets to see them anymore. Facebook has put restrictions on who gets to see your post. They do this so that you will have to pay them to use Facebook advertising. They get to decide if the people who follow you will see your articles on their update feeds or not. I don’t think it’s fair, but they can do it because they’re so big.

Facebook decides who gets to see your posts. They put restrictions to make you buy their AdsCLICK TO TWEET


Can you discuss the differences in the various Social Media channels?

Each Social Media channel is like a different Television Network. There are people that like the History Channel and then there are the younger kids who watch the Disney channel.


Each one is used differently. There are different people and demographics on each platform. It depends on your business, what you do, and who your customers are.

If you’re into Business-to-Business, then LinkedIn is a great platform.

If you’re into Business-to-Consumer than Facebook and Twitter is good.

For the younger crowd, SnapChat, Instagram and YouTube is great.

It all depends on what niche you are in and who your target audience is.

Leverage Social Media like it's your own TV NetworkCLICK TO TWEET


What would you recommend for business professionals?

Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook would be great for them.

For LinkedIn they can write their own articles, case studies, and white papers.

White papers are great to help establish your authority. Writing in depth reports and case studies on a specific problem and how you help solve them is one of the best ways to write.

On Twitter and Facebook, you can lighten up a bit.

For Twitter you must post a lot. Don’t just post once or twice a day. You must be very active, try to post every hour. Since so many people are posting on there your message can get buried and lost easily. That’s why you need to post often on Twitter.

For LinkedIn, posting once a day is fine.

But for Twitter, since you’re posting so many times a day, you must change your messages. Don’t post the same thing repeatedly. You can do this by giving small tips. For LinkedIn, it should be more in depth like whitepapers or case studies.

This is done so that people can see that you know what you’re talking about and that you can provide a solution. That you are an authority in your field.

On Twitter it’s good to engage, but keep it in a lot smaller messages.



For LinkedIn, are you talking about writing or linking your website?

Everything. You can link articles from your own website. Then reuse your articles on Pulse later. You have to use the same content over and over again.

I always link my own articles from my business site to LinkedIn. Then a month later, I republish it on Pulse, but I will write, “This article was originally posted on my blog”. Or even better, you can write new articles on Pulse if you have the time.

Join different LinkedIn groups and post your articles on there as well. Engage members in the different groups. Comment on other posts, give advice or answer any questions.

It takes a lot of time and work to use social media. You can automate a few things but not everything. Interacting and engaging with others is not something you can automate with buffer or hootsuite. You gotta put in the time and do it  yourself.

Don’t focus on automation. You can’t create engagement or interact well with buffer or hootstuiteCLICK TO TWEET


Can you discuss how #Hashtags can boost your visibility online? 

You can create a #Hashtag for your company name if you like.

You have to use hashtags because there are a lot of searches being done using hashtags. That’s how a lot of people can find you. You can stand out better and people can find your articles better if you use Hashtags. Especially on Twitter.

A lot more people will see your posts if you use them properly. #But #don’t #over #do #it. Use one or two maximum.

On Instagram, they use up to 30 hashtags, with the average being 11 hashtags per post. That’s overdoing it.

Just use one or two for your articles on Twitter and you’ll be seen.

That’s always the goal, to be seen. What’s the point of posting articles if they are not ever seen. That’s why hashtags are important.


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