Is your Business Website Really Doing its Job?

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We were last talking to Imran about leveraging Real Estate to build wealth and using a similar concept to build an online business that you can exit with for seven figures. He discussed the importance of changing your mindset and setting high quality effective goals to impact your life.

We continue our discussion on how Digital Marketing works and what it can do for you. The most important aspect of any business websites is causing action. Not just to give out information. You want to get people to take action, to call and schedule with you.  Learn about some of the ways to get proper leads for potential clients.

In this interview learn why:

  • Your target audience has more control than you think.
  • SEO is critical and expected conversion rate.
  • There’s a blind spot on every web page.
  • You need to use Facebook Dark Posts


You claim to help business get lots of leads, up to $100,000 a month in revenue?

That’s for e-commerce businesses. But I also work with attorneys and dentists and have helped them add over $1.8 million in a year. But it also depends on the city they’re in. I’m limited by the demographics and their location as well as their marketing budget. My primary duty as an internet consultant is to bring them web traffic.


I can bring leads to their site, but it’s up to the business to close the leads and get them into their office. My one job is to bring them business by leading prospects and pre-qualified clients to their webpage. How they produce and generate on the actual business is up to them.


Are you talking about capturing emails?

I can help them capture emails and lot of other important data. It depends on what system I’m using and the clients targets. I have a proprietary software to capture information in a real way.

What I mean is, have you seen for example those pop up boxes that ask for you to input your information: name, address, etc?


Yes, they’re everywhere.

Who has the control with this set up?

Who controls the page when the pop up box appears?


The person viewing the pop up does.

Why do you think that’s the case?


Because the viewer has the power to accept or reject the pop up.

Not just that, they also have the power to input false information or real information about themselves. What my team and software does, is we target and gather the right prospects to our clients page. If they don’t accept the pop up, we can retarget them by following the user across the web. If they input false email, our software will know right away as it will pull up their email accounts from their phones or tablets.

At the end of the day, it’s not about the quantity but the quality of the list. Somebody can gather thousands of email and addresses, but if more than half of them are fake emails, then what’s the use? So I’m about quality more than quantity.



Why is SEO so important?

SEO is extremely important for every business professional like dentists, accountants, attorneys, etc. The highest quality leads are found by direct referrals from previous clients.

The second highest can be found online by those searching for your services. They will also be easier to close on as well.

They obviously have a need as they are searching online for it. They have a lot of pain points to be solved.

But when you’re using traditional advertisements like billboards, radio, TV, or even facebook ads, it is all based on pattern interruption marketing. You’re trying to interrupt them from what they’re doing and capture their attention.

You have 2-3 seconds to capture their attention. If you don’t capture their attention correctly, you’ve just lost a lead.

With SEO, it’s not about interrupting them and only having a few seconds to capture attention. SEO is about standing out from competition when people actually have a need and are searching for a solution. You can get quality leads through SEO. But your website has to be set up and designed properly.

Conversion rates from interruption marketing is about 5%. While the conversion from SEO is about 10-14%, from the click through lead to them actually becoming your client.

Facebook ads also convert well if set up correctly


SEO is for Google Searches. How are Facebook ads different? Are you talking about the little banners on the side of the page?

No, I don’t like those banner ads. There has actually been studies done showing that everybody has a blind spot where the banner lives. Because so many banner ads are always on the right side, everybody ignores the rights side of web pages. Studies show that the majority of people when asked to recall what was on the right side of any webpage, they can’t remember. They have blind spot there because everybody is conditioned to ignore banner ads.

Interruptive Marketing doesn’t work well. People hate being interrupted from what they’re doing.

That’s why facebook Ads are so good. There is a special premium ad feature with facebook. They’re known as Dark Posts. It’s called dark because they’re hidden and blend in with the user’s desktop newsfeed. The ads look like normal updates and blend in with the news feeds from their friends.

facebook dark post

With billboards and TV you’re hoping to gain mass appeal. You have a narrow range to get it right and need to spend excessive amounts of money. With facebook ads you only pay for those that click on it and it’s highly customizable.


How is it customizable?

The targeting options on facebook are unreal.

Facebook Ads can be extremely targeted by any and every demographic. By their income level, zip code, occupation, interests, education, etc.

You can literally define your ideal audience and test it.

With facebook ads, you can set a budget of $200-300 and test an idea or campaign and refine your target demographics. So you can learn if a certain ad campaign is effective. Does it work? You can test and retest it with only a little bit of money.

Now facebook also has video ads. You can use videos in the newsfeed and pay a lot less than a TV commercial.

Also, how many people are actually paying attention to TV commercials these days? Who actually sits and watches TV all day now? Nobody does that these days. They’re on their phones or tablets and spend their time on facebook, instagram, and other social media channels.

So for me, it’s most effective way to test ad campaigns. You also get the best ROI leveraging Social Media and advertising online vs traditional methods.

The other thing that people don’t realize is, that when they hear “Social Media Marketing,” it’s usually about branding, not targeted marketing. Branding won’t give you a high ROI.

It’s not about being popular. At the end of the day, the number of “likes” don’t really matter. The only thing that matters is your ROI. The best way to get a direct response and get actual leads is with Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

The number of “Likes” don’t matter. The only thing that matters is your ROICLICK TO TWEET


Continue to –  How to Control and Lead your Audience

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