Is Your Business Missing Out on the Mobile Market?

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Why Mobile is all about NOW and how to leverage it in business


Do you know the difference between desktop and mobile internet browsing? It’s not just about the screen size.

Learn this critical difference from Ajay, as he shares his marketing expertise. Ajay has been in marketing for 30 years and has led marketing teams in various top 10 of Fortune 500 companies.

In this part of the interview he will discuss the differences between desktop and mobile internet browsing.

There is a significant behavioral pattern people have when they go online with desktops at work or at home versus browsing the internet on their mobile phones.

Understanding these behavioral differences can have a significant impact on your business.


In this interview Learn:

Why you need to go mobile

The secret behind mobile marketing

The IMMEDIATE difference with the mobile internet

How understanding consumer internet browsing behavior can affect your business


A few years ago only 50% of the population had cell phones, now everybody has one. Most people don’t ever go more than 24 hours without checking their phones. Look around and you’ll find everybody on it. Waiting at restaurant? Look up and see who is looking down on their phones.

Today’s generation of people are obsessed with their smartphones. Highly active users click and swipe on their phones 5,427 times a day, with the average being 2,617 times, according to researchers.

Photo tweeted by NBC News comparing how people gathered to meet the pope.

The smartphone is not only changing communication, but also affecting the daily lives of individuals. It’s also changing how business is done, as everybody is now connected online.

But do you know the importance of this? Americans collectively check their phones 8 billion times a day.

What does this mean for your business? How can you leverage the fact that everybody has the internet within arms reach?

Did you know that the behavior of people browsing the internet on their desktop is drastically different than browsing on their smartphone?

More people browse the internet on mobile rather than desktop.

But there is a very big difference in behavior and the way people browse the web on these two platforms.


Can you speak on the difference between Desktop and Mobile Internet?

This difference is extremely important, and many businesses still do not understand this.

The behavior and patterns of people browsing the web on their desktop and mobile is very different. Just understanding this difference can make a dramatic impact for your business.

When people are browsing the internet on their phone, they are much closer to making a decision. They are ready to take action and call you.

For example if someone is searching for information on a restaurant on their desktop. They’ll be at home or work and maybe planning their dinner anniversary in a week or two.

But mobile browsing is about NOW, it’s immediate.

It’s a whole different mindset that people have on mobile.CLICK TO TWEET


How is mobile about NOW?

If people are searching on mobile, they are ready to make a decision right then and there. They are ready to call for a reservation or may even be in the car looking for a place to eat as they are driving.

If somebody is searching for a Dentist on mobile, they’ve already decided that they need a dentist. So decisions are imminent on mobile.

Mobile websites look different than desktop sites for a reason. It’s not just to optimize viewing on different devices. It’s to accommodate their behavior on mobile browsing.

Because people are closer to making a decision on mobile, you have to visualize how your customer will act differently on the mobile. You need to adjust your mobile website to how a customer will use it. Your website must be mobile friendly, or you could lose a lot of potential business.

With your mobile website, you want to have a clear “Call to Action” up front and center on their screen. You want your telephone number on the center or have a “Call Now” button, so they can easily press the button and automatically call you.

On desktop, people generally want to find out more information about you. Or they stumble on your site from a search and read more about you before they make a decision. But there is also more information they have to dig through. So there is a higher chance that they may change their mind and not take your call to action, or even find a call to action.

On mobile, it is less so. Since people make decisions quickly, your reputation becomes even more critical. You must have lots of Reputation Capital.

Mobile visitors are more trusting and dependent on other people’s reviews than desktop users are.

Say they’re looking for a dentist and find your office on their phone. They see you’re two miles away. They’re going to make a quick decision. You want to make sure reviews on your site are clearly visible. They don’t have time to read all this information about you. They quickly look for reviews to decide if they’re going to visit you.

On Mobile, people quickly make decisions based on reviews, so your reputation is critical.

So your website design must be different on mobile.


So a good marketing strategy requires a mobile responsive website.

Unfortunately with marketing, it’s half science, half art. The science part is you know exactly what people are doing. The art piece is that there is no formula, you can’t know the answer.

That’s why you must first come up with a strategy, put yourself in the shoes of your customer. You can do a customer survey and adjust your website to the behavior. Then you can track it and make constant improvements.

So, it’s a whole different mindset that people have on mobile.

And it’s important because the majority of web browsing is now happening on the smartphone. And an even bigger majority of decisions are now happening on the smartphone.

Everybody should have a clear and successful strategy to target mobile users.

You have to start by updating your business website, both for desktop and mobile. The important thing is that you must have a clear “Call to Action” and have a way for people to contact you.

If they can’t find an easy way to contact you, they won’t, and you can lose a lot of potential business.

Remember, all of this won’t help if you don’t build a great reputation.


Learn “How to Take Charge of Your Reputation!”

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