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The Power of your Value Proposition


We were last talking to Immy about attracting people to your business online.

You only have 2-3 seconds to capture their attention when they view your Ad. Your offer must really stand out and be unique and very appealing. An offer that’s too good to pass up.

You also want to create and maintain relationships with your prospective clients and customers. Contact Based Marketing is a great way to do this. When you do marketing, you need 12 touch points or contacts with your prospects. For them to become loyal clients, you need to consistently engage them and maintain ongoing relationships.

Immy will continue his discussion on Marketing Strategies as well as the power of your Value Proposition and Unique Selling Proposition.

In this Interview Learn:

  • Creating loyal clients through Touch Points
  • A direct marketing technique to get up to 10,000%+ ROI
  • How one client added over $2.4 million through his Value Proposition
  • How to legitimately increase your fees without resistance
  • How to effectively market your professional services on Facebook


What are Touch Points and how do you use them?

Let’s use cold calling as an example. When most people cold call, they’re trying to make a sale over the phone. But the goal of cold calling should not be to make sale. It’s to make an appointment and get them into your office to meet you.

Lead Generation

The call is the first “touch.” When they get to your office and meet your staff, that’s the second touch. The third touch may be meeting you. Additional touches can be made through follow up phone calls, emails, or reading your business blog. Every interaction and engagement they have with you and your business is a touch point. A comment on their facebook page from you or your staff is another one.

A touch point is creating an engagement and a relationship through interactions. Spending time one day on facebook with them. Having them see your blog articles another day. It takes up to 12 touch points for a person to become a loyal client or customer. But basically you want to freely give them value. The more touch points you have with them, the easier it is to make the sale.


So sending them reminder postcard flyers or sales letters would be a good touch point?

When was the last time you actually opened up a sales letter and read it?  

People just throw them away. 


If you were to do direct mail, here is how I would do it for B2C.

This is priceless information that can generate up to 10,000%+ ROI.

And nobody does this technique.

Instead of sales letter or newsletter, send your offer in a package or box.

If you saw a package in your mailbox, chances are you’ll open it up to see what’s inside. Inside you can put your offer and a small free gift, like a coffee mug or anything you like.


People will be curious about the package and open it up. They will at least read your offer and accept your free gift.

If you target your packages to be mailed in affluent neighborhoods, you’ll have a good chance of getting high quality clients and leads. Even if you don’t attract them right away, you’ll stand out and be on their mind when they need you.


So you want to give them something valuable for free.

If people had the option of buying from you or their friends, they’ll buy from their friends. So you really want to become friends with your prospects and potential clients.

That’s why Contact Marketing and building up the 12 touch points works well. But to be effective, you need to deliver value.

personally spent $60,000 to spend 10 hours with one of my coaches. That’s $6,000 an hour. What can justify somebody being paid that much?


They better be the “best of the best” at what they do and teach.

Yes, but they must clearly understand what they are doing.

If you’re not offering your services at high prices, then what that tells me is that you have an issue with your Value Proposition.

If you deliver enough value, people will not complain. If all things were equal in what you and a competitor offers, people will go with the cheaper guy.

But if you deliver far more value, then people will gladly pay double to triple the price.

If you go to a 5 star hotel, the way the staff treats you will be completely different from a 2 star hotel.

It’s all about the value you deliver and the environment that you create. Showing them that you care about the person, and you’re putting an effort to develop a relationship with that person.

That’s how you make yourself stand out from the crowd.


So you have to make an effort to build and maintain ongoing relationship with your clients.

This is what most businesses don’t realize.

Dan Kennedy of GKIC said this,

“The person who can spend the most to acquire and keep his business will win every time.”

That’s what you need to do, you need to win your client’s every time. It’s easier to sell to existing customers than new ones.

You have to maintain a relationship with existing clients and treat them well every time. You can’t forget about them or neglect them. It won’t be effective to reach out to them after a few years have gone by. You have to continually engage them and let them know that you appreciate them being your client and doing business with you.

For example, this carpet cleaning company I worked with was doing one carpet cleaning every 3 years with their customers. I told them to make a new offer to their existing clients and give them an educational piece of information. And I got this idea from Dan Kennedy, who emphasizes keeping in touch with current clients.

He says,

For every month you let go by without keeping in touch, you lose 10% of your client base.CLICK TO TWEET


But rather than direct mail, we did email marketing with their existing customer database. After sending out monthly emails, “Thank You’s” and informative content, he went from 1 cleaning every 3 years to one cleaning every 4-6 months. That’s 6-9x the amount of business he was bringing in. It added over $2.4 million to his revenue, just by keeping in touch with his customers by email.

By correcting his Value Proposition and educating his customers he significantly grew his business.


Value Proposition is Key for every business.

Absolutely, every business must clearly know their unique value proposition.

If you can create something unique and valuable, you will stand out. With the carpet cleaning company, we helped make their customers aware of their pain points and delivered enough value to heal their pain.

People will rather do business with a well known brand unless you can come up with a unique proposition.

We can take the example of a pharmaceutical manufacturing company. The company was getting drowned out by their competition and losing market share. So the head of that company came up with a fantastic idea. What we call a USP or Unique Sales Proposition.

Marketing Unique Selling Proposition

He made an offer that none of his competitors were doing. He guaranteed that if there is anything that goes wrong with the manufacturing machines they would offer free lifetime repair, or if it was broken beyond repair, they would replace it free of charge. Each machine cost $80-$100,000, that’s a lot of money to pay out of pocket for his guarantee.

Nobody else could match this offer. So he dramatically increased his business. In the 10 years that he did he only had to replace 4 machines. But in those 10 years he gained 90% of the market share in that industry.

He went from a struggling company to earning over $10+ million a year.


Can you give an example of a USP for a business professional?

A USP can help you stand out from the crowd and help achieve your goals.

A great USP will stop people in their tracks and grab their attention, going from a “who cares?” to “I want!”

According to Dan Kennedy, a USP answers the question,

“Why should I do business with you, over all the other choices I have, which includes the choice of doing nothing at all?”

A USP can make or break a business. You can take examples of famous USP’s like,

“When your package absolutely, positively has to get there overnight””


“Fresh hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less….. or it’s free.”

You have to create your own Unique Selling Proposition and offer it to your prospective clients.

For example, a USP an Orthodontist could offer would be a lifetime warranty on braces. If they want to stand out from their competition, they could run a limited time special or make it a standard offer. They could give a “lifetime warranty.” If anything ever goes wrong in the future after the work is done, they will give them braces again for free. Not only that, but whoever signs up for braces, will get a chance to win a new iPad.

That will easily boost business for them.



Some offices use business card referrals programs. Is there something similar that can be done online?

This idea can be done on facebook. It’s very effective as you can show your ad campaign to your perfect audience. You can select and fine tune your ideal demographics.

And instead of having them just see your ad, you can make them take action!

This is a great strategy to dramatically boost your business.

I call this the “Share and Win funnel.”  This is great for creating engagement and getting the word out about your business.

This strategy will work great for any business professional that gets paid with their time, but not with products or inventory.

We’ll use an example of a dentist using this “Share and Win funnel” effectively.

They could set up a contest where people can win by sharing the contest to all their friends and family. The top 5 people who share the contest campaign the most and opts in to their email list, will win free Zoom Whitening or $500 credit towards any needed dental work.


By doing this, you’ll have a ton of people subscribing to your page. Now you have an audience you can effectively market to because you know that they’re interested in your services.

Once the contest is over and you select the winners, you offer everybody else that participated 50-75% off in the Zoom Whitening if they schedule with you within the next 48-72 hours. Now about 70-80% of those people that entered the contest will respond to you, because they have a sense of urgency and don’t want to miss out on the deal.

You may not make much per client coming in with the discount, but now you have a solid base for testimonials and have grown your patient base significantly for a relatively low cost.

Now you have a huge list of people willing to pay for your services, not people looking for a second opinion or tire kickers. They can book and visit you every 6 months and you can offer them any needed treatment.

This is how you can bring up a lot of awareness for your business in one go.


Finally, what’s the best way for people to contact you?

They can contact me through my Traffic Consulting Website.

At the end of the day, I just want to make your life easier.

When you have so many different things going on just to run your business, your stress level will go up and your energy will go down.

If you’re stressed out and energy goes down, everybody can feel it. It will affect your staff, people that you work with and especially your prospective clients you have to sell to. Yes, you have to get a good ROI. But you can’t work so hard on trying to attract clients that you lose focus and be distracted from your primary line of work.

We want our clients to be happy and will take care of their marketing, bringing them more clients and business so they can focus on doing what they do best.




Imran Tariq 

Born and raised in London, Imran did his undergraduate studies on molecular medicine and biochemistry to pursue medicine. He ultimately chose to start a business instead of going to medical school. He built a successful Real Estate business in London. He moved to the states to expand his Real Estate business.

To grow his Real Estate Business, Imran hired several coaches and mentors and began to learn about digital marketing.  After being in several masterminds and working with the top people in marketing, he learned the power of SEO.  Imran then started his own Marketing and Traffic consulting firm, Whispers 2 Wealth.

WebMetrix is a leading traffic consultancy firm with a company focus in SEO, visual design and SEM strategy.  He has assisted hundreds of small business and business professionals achieve high levels of success. He helps business with their online marketing strategy and grow web traffic to increase growth for their business.

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