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Why doing business is like asking a girl out on a date.


We were last talking to Immy about what SEO can do and why you should be using Facebook ads. Even though it uses Interruption Marketing, facebook ads are effective because it’s hidden and viewed as a “Dark” posts. They also give you unreal power and control as you can set and control the demographics to target your ideal audience.

We continue our discussion on Google AdWords and how to use digital marketing effectively.

In this interview learn:

  • The difference between Google and facebook ads.
  • Why doing business is like asking a girl out on a date.
  • The best way to capture leads.
  • A marketing strategy to quickly boost your revenue.


Do you think that Facebook Ads are better than Google AdWords?

Depends on your niche, budget, and profession.  Location also matters as some areas the cost per click is $5 and in other cities it’s a lot more.

But there are lots of advantages Facebook Ads has. For one thing, it’s a lot less expensive. An attorney can spend $200+ per click on Google!  

When you’re just starting out, that’s a lot of money. But if you’re a large firm with big marketing budget, than Google AdWords makes sense. It’s a great way to position yourself and stand out.

So when you look at marketing, you gotta see the big picture and figure out what you want to accomplish and define your goals.


So the main purpose of online ads is to lead people to your business website?

Not just that. The most important part is capturing their information. But it has to be their real information.

If you don’t capture their information once they get to your page, you’re going to have to keep paying them every time they click on your ad or link. What’s the point of paying for them over and over again?

But we have a way of verifying they’re inputting proper information. We can also pull out their actual email from their facebook account as well.


So once they get to your site or landing page, how do you actually get them to give you their information?

You have to give them something of high value. Especially when using Facebook or anything else.  When people get to your site, they must be attracted to it and you have to offer them something right away. The offer must look sexy and be appealing to them.

It’s like asking a girl on a date. You have to work hard to be able to instantly attract them in order to get the girl to give you her number. If your offer isn’t sexy to them, they won’t give you their personal information.

asking on date

To get a girl to go out with you. What you offer or pitch to them has to be appealing and sexy enough for them to desire giving you their number and personal information. If your offer is boring or stale, they’re not going to give you the time of day.

Business relationships are very similar to dating relationships. You can’t ask someone to spend $1,000 right away from the beginning. You have to develop a relationship by giving them that amount of value to them for free first. Capture their email by giving them something you would normally charge a lot of money for, but give it away for free.

This builds trust and now you can build up a lot of value in their eyes. The more you give, the more they will trust you and become comfortable with you. Then they will see you as an authority figure and want to become a client under your care and guidance.


You see a lot sites giving away free guides and ebooks. Is this what you’re talking about?

That can work, but video is better. Offering a 4-step video series or webinar is far more effective. Videos are more engaging than reading.

The average person doesn’t like to read. If you look at the average American, they will not read any books.

book reading

If they are educated, they may read about 5-10 books a year, depending on their niche or profession. Very few will read more than that a year.

Reading is not what people like to do nowadays. It’s easier for them to watch something than to read.

So doing a video series, and explaining what you would put in a book, is far more effective.


Can you give a before and after example of a client you worked with?

My niche is working with high end clients like dentists, accountants, plastic surgeons, and other business professionals.

Normally I’m able to bring them over a 500% ROI.

But it depends on what we are focusing on. For SEO, you won’t see dramatic ROI because it does take time to optimize. It typically takes about 9 months to get on page 1. It can take longer or shorter, but it depends on the location and ad campaign.

Marketing is an investment and you have to be able to track it. The moment you stop paying Google or facebook, your marketing ends. But with SEO, even though it takes longer to see results, once optimized it will bring you long term results.

There are also many different types of marketing strategies to use. This one client I helped set up a Customer Value Ladder. With this CVL, we set up a competition where we gave 3 selected winners a product for free. And everybody else that entered the competition could buy the product for 50% off.

Once those people purchased it for 50%, we offered them an upsell. Just like getting offered a Super Size at McDonalds. For a bit more money they can get a premium product. This increased their revenue drastically, bringing up their revenue to six figures a month in a very short time.

So they made up for what they gave away quickly. There are many different ways to market your business.


Finally, what’s the best way for people to reach you?

They can reach me at my traffic consulting site.

At the end of the day, I just want to make your life easier.

When you have so many different things going on just to run your business, your stress level will go up and your energy will go down.

If your stressed out and energy goes down, everybody can feel it. It will affect your staff, people that you work with and especially your prospective clients you have to sell to.  

Yes, you have to get a good ROI. But you can’t work so hard on trying to attract clients that you lose focus and be distracted from your primary line of work.

We want our clients to be happy and will take care of their marketing, bringing them more clients and business so they can focus on doing what they do best.




Imran Tariq Bio

Born and raised in London, Imran did his undergraduate studies on molecular medicine and biochemistry to pursue medicine. He ultimately chose to start a business instead of going to medical school. He built a successful Real Estate business in London. He moved to the states to expand his Real Estate business.

To grow his Real Estate Business, Imran hired several coaches and mentors and began to learn about digital marketing.  After being in several masterminds and working with the top people in marketing, he learned the power of SEO.  Imran then started his own Marketing and Traffic consulting firm, Whispers 2 Wealth.

WebMetrix is a leading traffic consultancy firm with a company focus in SEO, visual design and SEM strategy.  He has assisted hundreds of small business and business professionals achieve high levels of success. He helps business with their online marketing strategy and grow web traffic to increase growth for their business.

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