Do you Know what Personalities are Running your Business?

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Do you Know what Personalities are Running your Business?


We were last talking to Joel and Antonia about the importance of hiring the right staff for your business. To hire well, you should be able to assess their natural strengths and weaknesses. You can get an idea of their character and work ethic by taking a good look at their friends and who they surround themselves with.

Joel and Antonia continue their discussion on personality typing in business and how best to use it.


In this interview Learn:

The limitations of personality typing in business

How having a little bit of information can be dangerous

About fine tuning your business dynamics through typology


What are major pitfalls you see people facing when they aren’t aware of different personality types?  

Antonia: There is a major pitfall area. But it’s not in the space of being unaware of personality types. Because if you’re not aware of your type, it’s not a component, it won’t show up on your radar. It won’t be relevant or you’ll be using different models.

But if you’re not using any type of model or guide in your business. Then go find some models. Understanding these patterns and models are extremely helpful in running your business.

If you’re not using any kind of model, you’ll constantly be having to re-invent the wheel to run your business. Even if you don’t use typology but are using other models, you’ll be fine.

The biggest pitfall or danger is when people only have a little bit of information. Just having enough to be dangerous.

When they understand the basic, very basic principles of typology and they think that they can use it for hiring and firing staff. I would say that’s the biggest blind spot people have.

They have just a little bit of information and think, oh this is a super powerful tool.

Joel: As an example, “You’re a thinker in my company, so you can’t be up in the front working with other people. Because thinkers aren’t good at dealing with other people.”

That would be a little bit of information that you have and it’s dangerous because you’re judging a person’s receptivity to other people based on something that’s over generalized.


Antonia: A little information can be helpful in some ways, but if you only have one aspect of the tool, you’re going to over value it and use it incorrectly, pushing it onto everything.

If you’re going to use typology in your business. It is very helpful to keep going down the rabbit’s hole. 

Don’t just dip your toes in it. Skimming the information and only knowing the basics won’t be helpful and can actually backfire on you. It’s better to not use it at all than to just dip your toes in it.

If you’re going to do down that road, then get enough information so that you can recognize its limitations.

If you can get to the level of comprehensive understanding. Fully knowing its limitations, then it can be an extremely powerful tool. It can become the best tool in your arsenal.

If you don’t understand it’s limitations, then don’t use it as a tool.CLICK TO TWEET

 So that would be the pitfall or blindspot. Where you only have a little bit of information and it’s dangerous.


Anything else we did not discuss you would like to go over for our audience?

Joel: I think the biggest thing is that, you’ve probably heard about Myers Briggs before. You may have an idea of what it is. You may have had some experience with it in the past as an employee or as a manager to form a team.

What I would say is that, most likely, it’s very rare that you’ve had an experience with the Myers Brigg system in a robust and thorough way.

Most people only get a very basic, introductory level experience with it. There is a lot more to it than what you’ve been exposed too.

But a little information is more dangerous than a lot.

What we encourage you to do, if this is something you would like to learn more about. If you feel like this is something that might be useful for you in your business or your career.

Get into to it more.

Find out about Cognitive Functions in depth. Understand how mental processes work.

This will give you the wiring of your mind. How you learn and how you make decisions. And how the people around you learn and make decisions.

It allows so much more nuance, fidelity, and fine tuning in the experience of using the system, if you go down the Rabbit’s hole just a little further than where we’ve been in the past.

That would be my encouragement to you, the reader. To take your learning a bit further than where you are now.


Antonia: Most of the time when people dismiss typology as a tool. It’s because they usually want it to be super scientific.

At this phase, we don’t have instruments to gauge it concisely. It’s not that it has been disproven and people just hold onto it. It’s just not something that we can at this time, create instruments to gauge its definitiveness.

So we keep it in the realm of maps and models. But when people dismiss it, it’s because they’ve only been exposed to the more shallow level of the dichotomies.

I would say that Cognitive Functions, and this is our biggest message in our business, Cognitive Functions have many deep layers and are very powerful. Understanding the deeper layers of it is where the real power kicks in.

If you’ve dismissed it in the past and haven’t fully traveled down the road of cognitive functions, I encourage you to give it another try.

While typology may or may not be science, it is definitely a sufficiently developed technology or tool. There is great power in this tool, if you keep traveling down your journey of understanding it.

It can be a sufficiently developed technology to give you an edge.

I highly recommend people to give it another go if they’ve dismissed it in the past.


Finally, how can people contact you to and learn more about their personality type?

They can reach us on our website and take a free test to find out your personality type.

There’s a hub of information with everything that you could want to learn around typology.

You can learn how your mind is wired and how you show up to the world.

There’s a ton of articles, podcasts, and videos on there going over each personality type.

It’s all there for free.

Once you know your type and if you wanna go down the rabbit’s hole, you can begin to explore it further. Learn how you would show up to the world in a business context, in relationships, and your personal life in general.


Have questions for Joel or Antonia? Comment below!



Joel Mark Witt is a speaker, writer, and digital media entrepreneur with a focus on personal growth and transformational leadership. His specialties include, marketing, content creation, project management, and helping business increase sales through digital media.

As the co-owner and CEO of Personality Hacker, he oversees a new kind of publishing company that merges digital media with emerging models of human development focused on helping people “hack” their personalities and create more happiness in their lives.

He speaks at numerous influential industry conferences discussing emerging technology and its impact on social media marketing, podcasting, and personal branding. He also hosts various workshops to train and consult with businesses and professionals, helping them to increase their bottom line through social media branding and content marketing.



Seeing how people tick is at the heart of Antonia’s natural ability to understand how people and systems work. She is an author, thought leader, coach, and systems thinker. Her expertise is in personality profiling.

She has over 10 years experience in applied psychoanaltyics and profiled hundreds of people. She does consulting for businesses and has helped companies such as Zappos, Hot Topic Media, Oracle, and Voyage Media. She has also served on the leadership team for TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talks.

Antonia Dodge is currently the co-owner and Lead Trainer at Personality Hacker. She has developed over 20 high level training systems, products and resources. Antonia has co-developed a 6-month profiler training course that teaches coaches and business professionals how to speed read people and understand how their mind works. She helps them to work with each unique personality type for team building, achieving business goals and life purposes.

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