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Why you should look for Questions instead of Answers.


We were last talking to Joeri on creating visibility for your business online. He discussed how Social Media platforms are similar to different television networks and how to leverage Social Media as your own personal Television Channel.

We continue our discussion on how to stand out in the sea of competition in the digital world. The best way to create visibility online is by establishing your Authority.

In this Interview learn:

  • A simple strategy to create visibility for your business
  • How to easily establish your Authority online
  • Why organic reach doesn’t work anymore
  • Why Content Marketing is the Future of Advertising
  • The main goal Businesses need to achieve online
  • The best way to Build an Audience


What’s a good strategy to create visibility online?

The best way to make your business visible online is to start engaging with your customers.

Answer QuestionsBe very social and responsive to their questions. You have to give them great support by responding to their questions.

It doesn’t work to only have a website or a Facebook page. You must interact with your audience, to show that you are an authority and you know what you’re talking about.

That’s the best way to convince others that you are the right person to do the job. Be their teacher and answer their questions.

Engagement is very important these days.



So you want people to ask questions and answering them is key.

Yes that is very very important. Answering questions is one of the easiest ways to establish your authority.

It used to be that just building a business website and posting blog articles was good enough. But that’s not the way to do it anymore.

There has to be engagement and interaction. If you don’t interact with your audience, how do you know they are even reading your articles? There has to be interaction and engagement to know that people are seeing your website.

That’s why nowadays, everything is done on social media. Social media is a two way street.

Organic reach is dying. It’s not working as well anymore, not in a short time frame anyways. If you have a lot of time, then organic may still work for you.

But to quickly gain visibility, you must use social media.


Organic, you mean just having a website and blog articles?

By organic I mean just building a website and posting blog articles, waiting for people to show up to your site.

That doesn’t work so well these days. You can’t just sit and wait for people to search for you on Google. Just having a Facebook business page and waiting for people to see it doesn’t work.

The two most important organic ways people find you online is through Google and Facebook. If you want results from Google and Facebook, you have to pay them for their AdWords and Facebook advertising.


old google


Because the old method just doesn’t work anymore. That’s finished.

If you are just starting out online and want a wide reach, you have to go through social media and paid advertising online. The old organic way is dead.


Can you explain why Content Marketing is so important for business?

Content Marketing is the present and future of marketing.

Pretty soon all businesses will need to start using Content Marketing. All the big fortune companies have been using it and many are starting to do it today.

Experts are saying that in a few years, Content Marketing will become a $300+ billion industry.

Content marketing is not just a link to your website or a one page advertisement.

Content marketing is really about being fresh and new. It’s about constantly writing new articles on topics in your field. You have to add value. Give solutions to people.

Tell a problem people are unaware of. Then give them the solution.CLICK TO TWEET


You can’t just write about anything though. There has to be value for others in what you write. It should be backed up by data, not just your own opinion. Back up whatever you are writing. That is what people like.

Don’t just write something short and simple. And not just your own opinion on a topic. Show them specific problems and give them the solution.

Write in depth.

If people find value in what they read, then they will keep coming back to your site. And that’s very important.

Provide value.

As an added bonus, content boosts your Search Engine Ranking as Google loves fresh new updated content.


What is the main goal businesses need to achieve online? 

The most important thing for any business is to build Authority.

Show people that you are the right person for the job. Show them you know what you are doing and that you can provide the right solutions.

Show them problems they don’t even know that they have. Then give them the answers. Create content that will engage your audience. Interact with them and answer their questions.

That should be your main goal.

Focus on building your authority with an audience and you will succeed.



How can one start building an audience?

You have to learn and study from the best. There are many great influencers online that have built a large following. People like Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas, Gary Vaynerchuck, Guy Kawasaki, and Bryan Harris are some of the best influencers online.

In the beginning when you start out, follow and learn from these leaders to get a feeling of how it is done. They all have their own styles, and you need to find your own style. Gary V. is big on video through YouTube and SnapChat. He doesn’t like to write. He was one of the original investors of Facebook and Twitter.

Neil Patel has lots of depth and data on Content Marketing. Bryan Harris is great for email marketing. It’s not that one is better than the other, each is just different in their approach.

In Europe, there are a lot of businesses that don’t use social media or even have their own website. Just putting ads out in the newspaper and radio. Everybody just skips ads these days, why bother investing money when people will skip it on purpose?

Invest your money in online marketing, buy FaceBook Ads and Google Adwords.

That’s the way to do it now. Companies that don’t change the way they do marketing will be in trouble in a few years. They will miss the boat.


Finally how can people learn more about you and contact you?

I work with people and their businesses from all over the world. Many people find me through my site.

They can learn more about me at my website.

And contact me there on the contact page or directly email me at

I’m also always on Twitter. My handle is @bizwebjournal


Joeri Van Overloop Bio

Joeri Van Overloop is the CEO and founder of Bizwebjournal. He offers consulting services to help businesses build an online presence and establish their brand and authority online.

He is passionate about business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. He has decades of experience in sales & marketing in several senior management positions and CEO of several businesses.

He is an avid blogger and experienced marketer. His goal is to provide helpful resources leading to success in a digital world. His main focus in achieving visibility for businesses on the crowded web through marketing, SEO, social media, sales, product reviews, and entrepreneurship.

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