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What are the best ways to improve my chess skill?

I'm just learning, but playing online I keep losing. 

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  • Eric McMaster
    Eric McMaster

    Hey Billy,

    Chess really is a sport, a mental sport. Like any sport it takes a lot dedication, time, training, and practice.

    Like any athlete, you want to study the greatest players before you.

    Find out what kind of play you find to be fun. Are you defensive or offensive? Then go from there.

    Look at some famous peoples games and find the style of play that interests you the most. Then learn from them and study their games.

    Anton Ivanov
    Anton Ivanov

    Learning chess takes time. If you have lots of free time to spend on learning chess, you can get better.

    Like Gary mentioned, you should analyze your games. 

    Don't play so many blitz games. Play at least 15 -30 min games. 

    Don't abandon your games. Finish till the end. There is always something you can learn.

    Don't play too many games per day. Play maybe 1-2 long games and analyze each game deeply.

    It can help if you take chess class and lessons. They can give you study plan and help you.

    Gary Petrov
    Gary Petrov

    If you really want to get strong at chess, you must be serious and commit to it long term. 

    If you want to get really good, you must study and play a lot. But not just play blindly. You can play 100 blitz games and still not get better.

    It would be better for you to play 10 games and analyze each of your games than to blindly play over and over.

    Write down your moves and go over them. Figure out for yourself where you made a blunder or mistake. Then try to understand why you made it and what is better move. 

    You will begin to notice patterns in your own thinking and moves you make. Then you can fix them and improve.

    This is a good place to start for you!

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