What are some good business to start?


What are some good businesses to start? I'm looking for something to start online. I know there is ecommerce and drop shipping. I would appreciate any ideas.

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  • Max King
    Max King

    There are a lot of things you can do online, especially freelance work.

    Go online and learn some skills.

    There are so many courses you can take and learn and then do consulting work or freelance work.

    Some Top Skills to Learn:

    1. Coding

    2. UI/UX Design

    3. Copywriting

    4. Platform Closing

    5. Digital Marketing & SEO

    6. Social Media Marketing

    7. Creating Webinars or Online courses yourself

    Places to take online courses:

    1. Skillshare

    2. Udemy

    3. Coursera

    4. edX

    5. Udacity

    9. Learnsmart

    10. Codeacademy

    If you want to do E-Commerce use:

    1. Shopify

    2. Squarespace

    3. Volusion

    4. Bigcommerce

    5. Webflow (Advanced)

    5. Magento (Advanced)

    Regardless of what you choose to do, you must create a presence online. Have a landing page. Have a website and blog. Promote your blogs on different platforms. Grow your social media following. Instagram and Snapchat is big for this. Youtube is also a great way for branding and SEO. Drive traffic to your site, get good testimonials and be active online. This will help you to really grow!

    Robert Cosman
    Robert Cosman

    If you want to start a Drop Shipping Business it's simple.

    1. Get Online. Build your online store using Shopify.

    2. Find a good Source. Import products from Oberlo or Aliexpress. 

    3. Get Social. Advertise to a targeted niche market on social media.

    These are the main points. It sounds simple and it is. But it just takes time, patience, and consistency to start seeing results. #3 is big, if you can get a big following on social media, you can drop your business link on your profile and start increasing your sales as you increase your followers.

    Matthew Bentley
    Matthew Bentley

    Eric gave a good answer. Here are some more tips before you start thinking about a business:

      1.Know your strengths. Know your abilities, skills, and natural talents.

      2. Get your idea down. Start brainstorming and looking for a good idea. Fix a problem that bus you. Opportunity always lies in the midst of problems.

      3. Do market research. Is anyone already doing what you want to do? If so, how can you do it better? See if there is a demand for your idea. Go out and meet people, ask them questions and see if they would buy your product or service.

      4. Get feedback. Let people interact with your product or service and interview them. Ask what they think of it or how you can improve. They can help point out problems you missed. They can also be your first brand advocates, especially if you listen to their input and they like your product. Take things with a grain of salt, some feedback will be helpful, others will not. Have a plan on how to receive feedback.

      5. Make it Official. Get all the legal aspects out of the way early. Get a legal business structure (LLC, corporation or partnership, etc.). Get you business name and trademark. Register your business and get your Federal and State Tax ID.

    Eric Burke
    Eric Burke

    Regardless of what business you want to start you have to first ask yourself some questions.

    1. Evaluate yourself. "Why do you want to start a business in the first place?" You must understand your motives and reasons to guide you into the type of business you want to start. If you just want extra money, maybe you can start a side hustle. 

    2. What are your natural strengths? This can guide you in the type of work you should be doing. If you're outgoing, you can become an influencer, etc.

    3. What are your passions? It's hard to turn passion into work unless you help other people with your passion. Ex. starting a youtube channel teaching others about your passion.

    4. What is your area of expertise. These can be areas of education or courses you've taken.

    5. How much can you afford to spend, knowing that most business will fail? In the beginning you will need to bootstrap and support yourself. Make a cost estimate of how much time you and how much you can invest in your business. You can always work and do your business part time until it starts generating revenue.

    Answering these questions can help you get some clarity before you jump into something big.

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