How can I learn to code?


What's the best way to learn how to code? I tried codecademy, but I don't think I can really understand it well from it.

If I want to become a top paid programmer, what should I do?

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  • Tuan Tran
    Tuan Tran

    If you don't want to go through a regular college computer science course, you can go to

    They have a lot of good free courses on there. Take some intro courses on there, like cs50 from Harvard.

    Figure out if you like it or not before you pay any big bucks on other courses.

    Luke Shields
    Luke Shields

    There are a lot of real coding bootcamps you can take.

    Here are few:

    1. Le Wagon

    2. Ironhack

    3. App Academy

    4. Bloc

    5. LaunchSchool

    Some of these can be expensive. The least expensive one is LaunchSchool, it's a go on your own pace curriculum and I hear great things about them. Research some of these bootcamps if you are serious about becoming a developer and then take the course. You should be able to land a pretty good job if understand what you are doing.

    Max King
    Max King

    Take courses online.

    Some basic courses

    1. codecademy

    2. udemy

    3. coursera

    4. edX

    Then there are boot camps you can take, these are more expensive but you will learn a lot from them. Enough to land you a solid job.

    Ken Patel
    Ken Patel

    There are lots of places online you can learn from. 
    There are many "bootcamps" where you learn a lot in 3-6 months. They can get expensive though some cost $30,000+

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